Award winning 3 month baking subscription


Award winning baking subscription boxes in a 3 month subscription
We will post one of these boxes out once a month of 3 months
Here are the baking kits included in our 3 month baking subscription box

Classic Chocolate Brownie bake at home kit

Rich, moreish and gorgeously gooey Chocolate brownie baking kit

  • Award winning easy to bake chocolate brownie mix with easy instructions. Using compostable packaging
  • Perfect baking gift for brownie lovers, star bakers, bake off fans, baking lovers or for rainy days with the kids.
  • Really impress your friends and family when your cooking skills when you bake this award winning mixture.
  • Just add eggs and butter from your pantry cupboard to bake this brownie. Great for an emergency pudding, mixes in 5 to 10 minutes, bakes in 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Includes baking parchment
  • Ideal brownies mix to bake with the kids or teenagers to learn how to bake cakes, great for adults and kids.

Alternative ways to use this baking kit:

Mini Chocolate Brownie ‘Christmas Puddings’

If you would like to be a bit more adventurous with this baking mix, try the chocolate brownie cheesecake!

White Chocolate And Cranberry Cookies Baking Kit

Delicious and chewy, these cookies will keep you coming back for more!

  • Perfectly weighed ingredients, you just add the items from our shopping list
  • Clear step by step instructions on our high quality printed recipe card
  • Perfect as a gift for baking lovers or for rainy days with the kids
  • Award winning baking kit - award 2 stars at great taste 2018
  • Baking kit containing all the dry ingredients, you just need to add egg and butter

Chocolate Chip and Orange cookie mix Baking Kit

Deliciously chewy cookies with mixed chocolate chips and an orangey tang

  • If I knew you were coming's award winning bake at home chocolate chip cookie with orange mix baking kit
  • Quick to make in just 20 minutes and with easy to follow instructions onced mixed just bake the cookie dough in the oven, perfect to keep in the food pantry for your emergency pudding needs
  • Really impress your friends and family when your cooking skills when you bake this award winning cookie dough kit
  • Easy to follow instructions to create and bake the zesty cookies in the oven. Just add the baking ingredients from the short shopping list, which are egg and butter.
  • Awarded 1 star from great taste 2019 in biscuit mixes and includes high quality belgian chocolate for the ultimate cookie mix

Alternative way to use this baking kit:

Chocolate and Orange Cheesecake

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We are pleased to introduce a 3 month baking subscription which includes all of our award winning baking kits:

Like all of our baking subscriptions we will post one of these delicious baking kits out once a month for 3 months.
Our brownie baking kit, white chocolate and cranberry cookie baking kit and the chocolate chip and orange cookie baking kit have all received stars at the great taste awards. The brownie and white chocolate cookie received 2 stars in the 2018 great taste awards. The chocolate chip and orange cookie baking kit received 1 star in the 2019 great taste awards.