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Mini Chocolate Brownie ‘Christmas Puddings’

Chocolate brownie baking kit

These fun little bite sized brownies are really easy to do and look great.  Our kids loved helping to decorate them, and really loved eating them!  They would be great as a treat to have with a coffee after dinner, or as a bite sized dessert.  We loved eating them instead of a mince pie on the run up to Christmas, unfortunately there was none left to leave out for Father Christmas though.


1 classic chocolate brownie baking kit

200g White chocolate

Red/green sprinkles

Cake pop mould


Mix the brownies following the instruction card,

Split the mixture into the cake pop mould and bake for 15 mins or until set, leave in the mould for 5 minutes, then pop out.

Melt the white chocolate in the microwave, then spoon a small amount onto the top of the brownies, then sprinkle a small amount of the green and red sprinkles on top

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