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Easter Baking

easter baking gooey fudge brownie mix

With Easter coming up we have adapted a couple of our baking boxes to give them a real Easter feel. Our children’s idea was to add Creme Eggs to our Triple Fudge Brownie baking kit. Naturally we obliged and the results were delicious and very moreish!

As Easter baking for kids goes, this is a simple way to get a quick and easy and fuss free brownie, topped with Cadburys Creme eggs. What more could you ask for? Whether you are baking with kids, or just fancy an Easter bake this is a real crowd pleaser.

What we used

Our Triple fudge brownie baking box is one of our newest brownie baking mixes and packs plenty of fudgy chocolate flavour, with a mix of 3 different Belgian chocolates! We also added 3 Cadburys Creme Eggs during baking, to give an Easter baking feel and an oozy chocolaty topping.

Easter baking for kids and with kids is always rewarding, we love their little chocolatey faces after cleaning out the bowl, and their delight at the end product. So with little interference from me and my husband, we let them loose!

What is needed

To create this Easter baking recipe using our triple fudge brownie you will need the following items:

A triple fudge brownie baking kit, 3 Cadburys Creme eggs, a large bowl, a spatula, an electric whisk and 9×9 inches (23cmx23cm) brownie tin. Greaseproof parchment paper is included in with the baking kit.

Process for the Easter bake

Simply follow the step by step instructions in the baking kit. Place the brownie in the oven for 5 minutes, slice the Creme eggs in half. Once 5 minutes is up, remove the brownie mixture from the oven and quickly place the Creme egg halves in the top of the brownie mix. Pop the brownie mixture back in the oven for the remaining 5-10 minutes. Remove from the oven, allow to cool and enjoy!