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National Baking Week!

We d’éclair it’s officially the best week of the year – National Baking Week!


We might be biased, but National Baking Week is definitely the best thing since sliced bread.


It’s the perfect excuse to bring the whole family together in the kitchen and create scrumptious treats that everybody can enjoy.


Thanks to our easy and fun baking kits, everyone can get involved with the occasion because we make baking a piece of cake.


Home-baking is our passion, but why do we love it so much? Well, here are our top 10 reasons why we believe all you knead is cake, muffins, brownies and bread!


  1. A Chance to be creative – baking is not so much about skill, but following a recipe, as well as your intuition. It’s fun to experiment with different creations and flavour combinations. It’s also totally customisable and you can adapt recipes according to your own tastes and preferences.
  2. Family-time – baking is a wonderful way to bring people together and to get the kids into the kitchen. You can even teach your children the basics from an early age so they might grow up enjoying baking as a hobby.
  3. Perfect for a rainy day – here at If I Knew You Were Coming, we’re based in Warcop, Cumbria. We love living in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, but it also means we’re well used to Cumbrian weather, which means our fair share of drizzle! Luckily when it comes to baking, it’s something we can enjoy in the comfort of our kitchen, come rain or shine.
  4. The smell – can you think of a lovelier smell than freshly-baked bread on a Saturday morning? In fact, the smell of baking is so universally loved, it’s actually a known tactic to use when it comes to house viewings.
  5. It’s cheap – you don’t need to spend a fortune when it comes to baking. The basic ingredients are always on the cheaper side.
  6. Sharing is caring – if you can bear to part with your delicious creations, you can share them with family, friends and co-workers.
  7. It’s easy – especially when it comes to our baking kits! All you have to do is put your order through on our website and your kit will be delivered to your door. Then you just need to pick up the items on the short shopping list (no more than four) and follow the simple, step-by-step recipe.
  8. It’s therapeutic – baking has actually been proven to reduce stress. According to the Huffington Post, a survey conducted by baking company Cake Angels found that 80% of highly stressed people surveyed took up baking to help alleviate the pressure.
  9. There’s always an occasion to bake – birthdays, Christmas, weddings… there’s always an excuse to bake. But if you REALLY love baking, why not take a look at our different subscription options? You can buy a monthly baking subscription, priced from £17.99 to £77.99 (plus P&P, or free over £40). You will then receive a baking kit box through the letterbox which contains a recipe and ingredients to bake a quick and delicious treat every month for three, six or 12 months.
  10. It’s rather delicious! Need we say more?


Celebrate National Baking Week with us! Take a look at our kits. If you’re local to Cumbria, we’re now stocked in a number of shops, including Cranstons in Penrith, Chestnut House in Pooley Bridge and The Ark at the Cloisters in Appleby.

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