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Mini Egg Blondie Mix

if i knew you were coming blondie mix with mini eggs

Today’s baking with my children consisted of Cadbury’s mini egg blondies and flapjack. My daughter loves the If I Knew You Were Coming blondie mix, and is always asking to bake, so I gave her one of our blondie baking kits and let her loose in the kitchen. She followed the intsructions with ease and then had a great time smashing up a packet of Mini eggs with the end of a rolling pin. She then stirred this through the blondie mix and added an extra packet of mini eggs to the top for decoration. Who wouldn’t love an extra 160g of chocolate! The results were great, a delicious fudgey blondie packed with white Belgian chocolate and then the added milk chocolate stirred through made a really decadent treat.

What is a Blondie mix?

Our white chocolate blondie bake at home kit is just like a chocolate brownie, but instead of milk/dark chocolate it is full of white chocolate. Its super rich and perfect for white chocolate lovers. The added mini eggs make it perfect for Easter, but I don’t think our batch will last that long!


We also made flapjacks today, so the children can take them in their packed lunches this week. They are really easy to make and my 6 year old daughter managed to make them with little input. She also decided to add to my recipe by adding 100g raisins, which turned out to be a great idea!

The recipe is as follows:

175g butter,

175g soft light brown sugar

2tbsp honey

2tbsp golden syrup

250g rolled oats

50g cornflakes

100g raisins


Preheat the oven to 180c. In a saucepan melt the butter, sugar, honey and syrup until melted, then stir in the oats, cornflakes and raisins, until thouroughly mixed.

Press into a tin and bake for 25mins. Allow to cool.