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Tips to help your Bonfire Night go with a bang

Tips (and a quiz!) to help your Bonfire Night go with a bang

Many of us like to remember remember the fifth of November – after all, it’s an excuse to light up a dark night with fireworks, tasty food and warming drinks.

In this blog, we’re going to share our top five tips for making sure your Fireworks Night goes with a fizz not a whimper.

But before we do, we wondered how much do you know about the gunpowder, treason and plot? Why not take our quick quiz (answers at the end…no cheating) and feel free to test your family and other Bonfire Night guests!

  1. What did Guy Fawkes plan to blow up?

Buckingham Palace

The Houses of Parliament

Westminster Abbey

  1. Which King were they trying to kill with the plot?

James I

Henry II

Charles I

  1. In which pub is the plot said to have hatched?

The Dog and Bone

The Duck and Drake

The Duck and Dog

  1. Who led the conspirators?

Thomas Percy

Guy Fawkes

Robert Caseby

  1. What were the plotters trying to achieve?

To restore the Tudor dynasty

To make England a republic

To put a catholic on the throne

  1. How many barrels of gunpowder found their way into Westminster Hall?




  1. When did the gunpowder plot take place?




  1. Why didn’t the gunpowder plot go ahead?

They couldn’t light the fuse

There was an anonymous tip off

They decided not to go ahead.

Our top 5 tips for a sparkling Firework Night

  1. Choose the appropriate number of fireworks – too many and people will get bored…too few and it’ll be over too soon.
  2. Have plenty of gloves, scarfs, blankets and (if necessary) umbrellas handy. It’ll almost certainly be chilly and quite possibly drizzly!
  3. Make simple, warming food and drink. Use flasks – and plastic cups/plates.
  4. Fill the garden with as many outdoor lights as you can muster.
  5. If you’re having a bonfire, before you light it, make sure there are no hedgehogs camping within it and, of course, keep any pets indoors (ideally with someone else if they’re a bit nervous).

Warming drinks

Here’s an idea for a spin on one of Bonfire Night’s traditional offerings…toffee apples (for adults!)

Easy peasy ‘Hot toffee apple punch’

All you’ll need for this warming tasty concoction is:

6 diced apples

1 litre of cider

250ml of dark rum

250ml of vanilla vodka

3 cinnamon sticks

3 star anise

100g of sugar

Just heat up the cider, apples, sugar and spices until steaming then add the rum and vodka. It’s as easy as that!

For the younger or non-drinking members of the gathering, here’s a recipe for a warming, luxurious drink…

Best ever drinking chocolate

For three people, all you need is:

125ml of double cream

125ml of semi-skimmed milk

100g of plain dark chocolate

Just break the chocolate into pieces in a small mixing bowl. Heat the cream and milk in a pan. When it’s nearly simmering, simply pour it into the bowl and stir well. Pour it into cups and enjoy!

When it comes to warming bonfire night food, there’s so much choice. Typical fare tends to include hot dogs, stews, mulled wine and toffee apples.

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Whatever you get up to this Bonfire Night, have fun and stay safe!

(How did you fare with our quiz? Here are the answers: The House of Parliament/James 1/The Duck and Drake/Robert Caseby/They wanted a catholic on the throne/36/1605/Anonymous tip off).